This Sunday

Bridgeway gathers and meets corporately at 100 Lockhart Drive in beautiful, coastal, historic Beaufort, NC. We are a Jesus-loving, Spirit filled church community who believes "we are better together" and we truly are. Our heartfelt desire is to believe, belong, and become better Christ followers side-by-side, with you and your family. There is a place for you here and there are many opportunities throughout the ministries and mission of the church for you to connect, fellowship, pray, serve, and worship.
Come and Worship each Sunday @ 10:00 am 
Kid's Church / Nursery Check-In starting @ 9:40 am

JOY Study/Prayer Class (all ages) in the JOY Room @ 9:00 am

What time and what kind of Worship do you have? 
Bridgeway Church celebrates Worship each Sunday @ 10:00 a.m in a casual and contemporary, yet heartfelt and surrendered environment. We also offer/feature Kid's Church and Full Nursery and Toddler Room with Check-Ins at 9:40 a.m. on Sunday mornings, you can Worship knowing that each and every one of our servant-leaders/teachers has been verified in our Background Check System, is a committed member of our church, and receives training in development. Plus, they are just some of the best, most gifted people you will ever know or meet.

What should I/we wear? 
Whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Some come in shorts and flip-flops, especially in the warmer months. Others feel more at home in jeans or slacks. The only thing we ask is that you wear attire that honors God's House and that isn't revealing or suggestive to anyone else. Our eyes, hearts, and minds need to be focused on God. Style and brand-name doesn't matter; what matters is that we are on-board with our Lord and one another in mission.
What exactly is a "Nazarene"? 
You may be surprised at how many inquiries we have about this. While this may seem short, you will see much more as you explore our site and surf our social media. We are a local, regional, and global church family and movement that believes we are to "go into the whole world and make disciples of all people." We are a Great Commission Church who is missionally connected and relationally engineered. We are a church that is involved in 164 world areas and who is compassionately living out our faith in our very communities. Around the world we have churches, church plants, home churches, mission fields, hospitals, clinics, and educational/training facilities. Amidst many cultural variations from one area to the next around the globe, we find diversity to be celebrated, because: We are all followers of Jesus, The Nazarene! Explore our regional and global sites as well, to learn more: (North Carolina) and (World Mission).

Will I be pressured in any way? 
You may be challenged and convicted by God, but never pressured or pushed by anyone here. Our belief is not conducive to any gimmicks or pressure-tactics. Rather, we simply encourage and invite you and yours to come, to experience God and His people here at Bridgeway, to get to know what drives our joy and passion, to ask questions as they arise, and to pray over how you can help us fulfill God's will for our lives and ministry. There is a place for you and your family right, and we would be honored to have you join us on the mission.

How about our children? What do you offer?
You and your family can relax and worship in the assurance that your children are being ministered to with great ministry and with profound love. We offer Nursery & Toddler Care for the babies and children from birth to 4 years old, and BridgeKid's Church for ages 4 through 5th Grade. Both are custom-tailored to minister grace, hope, and love to future generations in ways and means that reach children and leave a positive, lasting impression on them. We have NazSafe Protocols that ensure our leaders and teachers pass background checks, are trained and certified, and promote safety at all levels. So yes, you can come in peace and know that we have great leaders and teachers tending to your children while you are here.