Core Values


We are Christian
We are honored to be "Christian." This statement identifies us as part of God's local, regional, and global family of faith. We work with many other Christian Churches and Groups to fulfill God's Mission through equipping, partnering, and service to accomplish His will. The goal: to take and distribute Jesus Christ and His 
life-transforming power to the entire world, 
in our own communities
Our belief in being Christian is that we are "better together" for Him! 
We are Holiness
God, Who is holy, pure, and filled with love, calls us to live a life that is devoted, authentic, and models His Son. We believe God sets us apart to live fully dedicated lives for God and to bear witness to His presence in our lives ~ in all that we say and do. Surrendering to Jesus Christ through the abundant power of the Holy Spirit is our spiritual act of worship, as described throughout the Word of God. The fact is: God will cleanse our heart and life if we will trust, believe, and allow Him to. This is the abundant life Jesus refers to (John 10,v.10).
We are Missional
At the very heart and soul of who we are and what we hold dear to, in Christ, is that we are missional at the very core. Bridgeway Church is an active church community that works out its faith and compassion in tangible ways through local and regional ministries such as: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Safe-Harbor/Jarrett Bay Industrial Chaplaincy Ministry, Loaves & Fishes of Carteret County, The Bridge Youth Center, and Young Life of the Crystal Coast. We are also integrated with the Beaufort Association of Pastors and Churches.

In our much larger Church of the Nazarene Family, we are on the ground, invested, and active in 166 world areas with missionaries, pastors, leaders, schools and universities, hospitals, clinics, and training centers all over the globe. We are deeply involved in our communities and in this world for the building up of God's Church and for the furtherance of the Gospel and His Kingdom on earth . Our World Evangelism, World Mission Broadcast, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Disaster Relief, and the Jesus Film Project are just some of the ways to love and serve others while lifting up Jesus to the world.

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